For Events & Venues

Give your customers the best journey experience - and manage when and how they arrive and leave

  • Seamless sustainable journeys
  • Manage dwell and flow
  • Free for you and your customers
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How much

Free for small venues and events, and pocket-money for larger or national organisations, we can guide in your visitors for less than you spend on coffee!


Setting it up

Simply add your unique tag to your website, and QR codes to your posters and tickets, and that's it - it takes moments


Let's talk

We've got all sorts of ideas on how to help your visitors, not to mention your own team, manage their experience

Journey Alerts not only makes it easier for your audience to reach you, and easier for you to manage the flow and dwell, but it will also
enhance their overall experience.

Journey Alerts makes your visitors’ journey seamless and stress-free.

Gives visitors the best journey


We can even send you


Great for festivals, restaurants, bars clubs and music venues

Before they leave, your customers will know exactly how to get there on time, no matter what is going on around them.

Journey Alerts will guide them around disruptions and get them through the doors on time - and you can drop them a line to remind them about your killer burgers or merch deals.

Couldn't be easier

You simply add your unique QR code and button to posters, tickets, website or wherever you like.

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Web and social

We can even help manage your flow and dwell, or send you new customers

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