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Highly relevant and timely advertising with an audience keen to hear from you.

  • Highly accurate contextual messaging without need for location or personal data
  • Proven redemption rates of 25-40%
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Key statistics

98% user retention
2% annual wastage
75% re-engage within 28 days



Platform has seen up to 25m monthly individual connections per month in the UK



No download, no registration, no forms or hassle - it couldn't be easier


More than just a new form of media

Our anonymous insights platform can power real-time advertising and personalisation for brands and agencies

Having a clear picture of where the traveller is, how their trip is going and even what the weather is doing, is how Journey Alerts guarantees the best journey possible.

This presents a unique opportunity for advertisers to align messaging to the audience's needs with unprecedented accuracy.


more effective than google and facebook advertising


Average conversion rate

For weary passengers arriving late on a delayed train , an offer on ‘a ready meal just around the corner’ could be just the ticket.

Or on a rainy day, commuters might be just in the mood for a hot drink.






It really works

To help you plan, Journey Alerts can predict where audiences will be days or weeks in advance. This kind of dynamic messaging, adjusting to the needs, desires, and location of the audience, has unsurprisingly been proven to achieve 20 times the response rate of static advertising.

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