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Journey Alerts supports local authorities to create greener, healthier and more accessible places for people to live.

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Our basic partner programme can be rolled out to your region completely free of charge, and our optional insights platform is only £2kpm


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We do the work, so you don't have to - we'll liaise with your bus and transport operators, issue QR codes and give everyone the tools they need


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A greatly improved journey experience and a focus on behavioural change gives residents the confidence to leave their cars at home.

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And instead of sitting in their cars, people are getting active, walking to the bus stop or station and over the bridge to the opposite platform – on the move in a healthy way.

For those who find public transport especially challenging, the Journey Alerts step-by-step support makes it more accessible. For older residents and those with anxiety or disability issues, Journey Alerts can help them become more mobile and more involved in their community.


of people who exercise regularly, lower their risk of death*

Meanwhile, Journey Alerts gives local authorities a better picture of their residents’ travel needs,
enabling transport planning that really makes a difference.

It might not even cost you anything

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